Small Modular Homes for Seniors


As seniors age, priorities change and life takes on a new perspective. Many seniors find themselves unable to maintain the strains of a large home, no longer feel safe living on their own, or simply seek a new environment, closer to family and friends. When seniors enter into the next phase of their lives, they need a home design with features custom to them, a safe and accessible environment, and spaces tailored to their needs. Luckily, there are many ways a senior cottage, a small modular home, or retirement custom home community could be perfect for you or your family. 

Best Location

One of the most helpful special features of a small modular home is its movability. This allows modular home owners to choose the best location for them, if that perfect place changes. 

Backyard Houses

People have different needs, and seniors are no different. While some may crave privacy and space, other’s deepest desires are to be close to family. When it’s time to retire, seniors can buy their own, self-sufficient cottage that can be placed on any plot of land they own. Some might find a plot near their children and others  place the unit right in a family member’s backyard. This gives people the flexibility and privacy they need, while allowing them to remain close to those they love. 

Retirement Communities 

For those seniors who are looking for a thriving, social environment, a retirement community might be the perfect plan. A retirement community will provide each senior with their own manageable custom home and plenty of space to enjoy, all while surrounding them with neighbors in the same stage of life. Amenities, such as maintenance teams and lawn care, give seniors the independence they want, without the stress of serious home maintenance. 

Factory Building Process

Small modular homes are a dependable option for seniors because they are built in a reliable and efficient factory setting. This process allows for strict local building standards to be met for each and every modular home and allows buyers to avoid costly delays and changes. 

Our custom modular homes will be built to the exact design each senior requires. After special features, a kitchen design, and a footprint have been chosen, the factory building process can begin. Our team of passionate and skilled builders will get to work on our energy efficient construction process, giving careful attention to every detail. When building is complete, your custom senior home can be delivered to the site of your choice or on one of our 55+ retirement communities. 

Special Features 

Our cottage designs are each created with seniors in mind. This has driven our design team to focus on floor plans for safety, maintain a manageable size through utilizing every inch of space, and creating layouts specifically created for disabled family members. When you or your family step into one of our small modular homes, you will feel comfortable with our peace of mind

Floor plan

To make sure seniors feel their home is accessible, all of our manufactured homes are curated in a single-story, open-concept design. Each unit layout provides wide doorways, flat walkways, and easily maneuverable spaces. Each of our home models come with a usable kitchen, spacious living space, and accessible bathroom. 

Energy Efficient Houses

Thoughtful design doesn’t stop at aesthetics. In addition to the many features we put into our modular homes that set seniors up for a comfortable and happy lifestyle, we also make sure our construction process and features are energy efficient

In the building process,  we construct each home with energy conscious windows, doors, and insulation. On the inside, we use energy star rated appliances and light fixtures to ensure energy price stability on bills and a comfortable environment. 

Community Features

If you choose to place your cottage in one of our retirement communities, our intentional design will continue out into the community around your manufactured home. Our communities feature flat driveways, community maintained landscaping, and additional space to enjoy. 

At many of our community centers, we host social events, provide entertainment, and have a range of active amenities residents can take advantage of. 


Giving seniors a high quality home at an affordable price is a top priority. We achieve cost effective houses for seniors through our efficient, factory building process, our intentional designs that utilize all square feet, and our commitment to low waste of materials. 

Backyard Cottage 

When deciding to add a manufactured home for a senior on an existing property, there are some costs to take into consideration. In addition to the affordable price of our senior cottages, you will need to take into consideration the fee for a building permit and the pouring of an appropriate foundation. 

Community Houses

Maybe placing your manufactured home in one of our retirement communities is the best plan for you. After purchasing your custom home, you can lease the land in one of our communities. 

Finding a comfortable home for you or a family member can be difficult, but a small modular home can provide the custom special features every senior needs. From a full-size kitchen to a floor plan made with a senior in mind, a senior cottage is a wonderful option for your changing family.