Four Clever Design Tips to Maximize Space in Your Home

Four Clever Design Tips to Maximize Space in Your Home Image

Decorating a manufactured home is a unique but fun challenge. Just like in any other small home or apartment, residents want to maximize space without limiting style or their own personal flair. Thankfully, top decorators and home designers have developed foolproof methods of opening up even the most cramped space without sacrificing an inch of room. Get inspired with these four tips.

1. Mirrors

Perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the decorating world, well-placed mirrors are a guaranteed way to brighten and open up any room. Mirrors placed across from a window will best catch and reflect sunlight, helping to increase clean, natural light throughout the home. Tucking mirrors behind end tables and chests is a wonderful way to give the illusion of depth and space in a room.

2. Dramatic Art

Dynamic statement pieces are great ways to decorate a manufactured home without cluttering. Remember the cantaloupe rule: multiple decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe will make a room look crowded. Fewer, larger pieces of dramatic art will space out a room and make it seem more expansive.

3. Draw the Eye Upward

Directing the eye upward will always make a room seem bigger. Try shelving books near the ceiling to draw the eye up, or use a vibrant paint or wallpaper on the ceiling itself.

4. Light Colors

In clothing, dark colors slim and minimize while light colors attract the eye and enhance. This same concept applies to home decor. Bright colors reflect light, making even small spaces seem more open and airy. Choosing light-colored furniture, rugs, and other accessories will brighten the room and make it feel less cramped or small.

There are so many ways to transform a manufactured home into a spacious, inviting place to live. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of manufactured homes, contact UMH Properties, Inc. today.