MANUFACTURED HOMES • February 5, 2015

Don’t Rock Me Like a Hurricane: 5 Tips to Prevent Water Damage to Your Manufactured Home

Don’t Rock Me Like a Hurricane: 5 Tips to Prevent Water Damage to Your Manufactured Home Image

If you live in a manufactured home located in a high-risk area for hurricane impact, you should always be proactive in the prevention of water damage from hurricanes.


Here are five ways to help protect your home.


1. Seal gaps. Windows and doors should be completely sealed. Replace damaged caulking. Inspect areas around pipes or wires coming into your home, and seal gaps and cracks to guard against leaks.


2. Guard your roof. Purchase a sealant that will eliminate wind uplift on shingle roofs, which causes of over 60% of reported damage. A low roof pitch is the most vulnerable. Look for products that have passed the Florida Wind and Water test or that adhere to or exceed FEMA recommendations.


3. Cover your windows. Make sure you have pre-cut plywood that will fit over your windows. Mark the panel so you can easily place it. This will help prevent water from coming into your house, and it will help save money on window replacements.


4. Replace solid skirting. If you have solid skirting, it’s harder for wind to move around your home. This can lead to damage due to lifting. Instead, you’ll want to have latticed or grill work, lessening wind resistance.


5. Install ground or French drains. To redirect pooling water and ground flooding, you’ll want to install drains. This is basically a trench filled with rock that drains water away from your dwelling. They work similar to the gutter system on your roof.


You don’t want to wait until there’s a storm bearing down on your manufactured home before you begin preparing. Water damage can lead to mildew, mold, and rot. It can be a death sentence to some of your most prized possessions, including photographs, books, and important documents. These tips will help reduce damage.