Painting Your Manufactured Home: A Primer

Painting Your Manufactured Home: A Primer Image

At some point, everyone wants a change in their surroundings, regardless of the size of their dwelling. When you live in a manufactured home, it might initially seem like the process would be somewhat easier, especially if you have a smaller space to work with. However, there are some unique challenges when it comes to the painting process in these structures. Picking the right paint is of the utmost importance, as these homes are often in need of a different sort of product.

Most manufactured homes come equipped with vinyl walls. This doesn't necessarily affect your ability to paint over them, provided you use the right materials. Painting also has the added bonus of being cheaper than wallpapering the walls or using another alternative. What you need is paint that is compatible with vinyl or gypsum, or VOG. As the wall material in these homes is different, VOG-friendly paint will adhere to the walls in a way that other paints simply cannot.

As with any painting job, you'll need both paint and primer to complete the task. Use lower-sheen paint, as it will stick to the walls better than something excessively glossy would. This prevents the paint from peeling in the future. You'll also want to make sure before you ever start painting that the walls are clean, as paint does not stick the way it should to dirty walls; cleaner walls also prevent future chips and peels. Buy a top-quality paint and primer. This is not something you want to spare expenses for. The same goes for the brushes and rollers used, as they'll coat the walls better. Finally, paint in several sheer coats, rather than one thick one, for longer-lasting results.

Painting manufactured homes doesn't have to be excessively hard. We hope these tips will help you successfully breathe new life into your dwelling.