MANUFACTURED HOMES • December 19, 2014

How Are Manufactured Homes Made?

How Are Manufactured Homes Made? Image

Manufactured homes are built according to a strict set of building guidelines. Learn more about how these residences are actually constructed.

Since the 1960s, manufactured homes have risen in popularity both as vacation homes and permanent residences. In 1978, the national building code, nicknamed HUD, was established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, effectively shaping the manufactured home industry that we have today. Thanks to this HUD code, manufactured homes are built to meet or exceed a strict set of regulations that oversee nearly every aspect of home building. But how are manufactured homes actually built?

1. The Frame

Every manufactured home begins with a frame. Belly paper is first unrolled to the appropriate length and stapled to the wooden frame around the perimeter of the house. Pre-assembled sewage and water lines, as well as the ductwork for the AC/heat, are then dropped into their assigned places.

2. The Floors

Once the frame is completed, it is lifted entirely and placed onto axles. Liquid glue is spread over the floor joists and then nailed into place. This step is especially important because it will determine the straightness of the walls later on.

3. The Walls

Like the floor, the walls are positioned into pre-cut jigs and then nailed into place. Paneling is then laid over adhesive studs and stapled to the wall. Holes for the windows and electrical outlets are cut out at this time, and the whole structure is lifted with a hoist and put onto the previously assembled floor.

4. The Roof

A layer of insulation is then blown into the ceiling of the manufactured home. The roof is now ready to be papered with shingles or fitted with a metal or tin roof to your specifications. Once the roof is complete, the new home is ready to go!

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