MANUFACTURED HOMES • November 2, 2016

As Rent Skyrockets, Manufactured Homes Offer Affordable, Convenient Living

As Rent Skyrockets, Manufactured Homes Offer Affordable, Convenient Living Image
According to a report that was recently released by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, there’s been more than a 30% increase in the number of households that are economically hampered by the amount they pay in rent.
That’s likely because rent, which has been a stable option in the past for those seeking affordable housing options, has been rising, while renters’ incomes remain stagnant or have fallen in the past few years. 
As more new apartments and homes are being marketed toward those who can pay a higher amount of rent, such as young professionals, it’s creating fewer affordable housing opportunities for middle-income renters in many areas of the country.  
Affordable Housing, Great Locations
Those looking to rent should know that affordable housing is available in many places in the United States within manufactured home communities. Haven’t considered manufactured housing? There are many advantages for those who are looking for modern, affordable rental homes that are close to cities and suburbs. Manufactured homes are:
  • Modern Living Spaces. Manufactured homes are contemporary and spacious. Many have three bedrooms with two bathrooms (including a master bedroom and bath), open kitchens with an island, plus abundant cabinet and countertop space. 
  • Located in Sought-after Areas. Whether you enjoy city living or a rural setting, or would like to be near work (or play), there is a manufactured home community that will meet—and exceed—your needs. Many manufactured homes have playgrounds, basketball courts, outdoor pool, and community centers that create a true sense of community.
  • Affordable. Manufactured homes provide excellent value for your rent dollars, and offer just as many features as site-built homes. Some communities have a land-lease program, which allows residents to buy homes and then lease the land that the home sits on. Besides making these homes even more affordable, it allows for inexpensive monthly rental payments, and you get much more for your money.
UMH properties owns 100 manufactured home communities in seven states throughout the northeastern United States. Our rental prices are extremely affordable, and since you’re in a home, there are no shared walls—just your own private space. Call or contact us today to learn more about our modern, spacious rentals.
Some restrictions apply. Customer must be pre-approved to live in the community after passing a background check and satisfying UMH residency screening requirements.