Community Living Vs. Non-Communal Living: Which Should You Choose?

Community Living Vs. Non-Communal Living: Which Should You Choose? Image
If you are considering a move, there’s more to think about than living in a beautiful home. You’ll also want to consider the area you’re moving to, the surroundings, and the people who will become your neighbors. Many homeowners believe that what’s around them (or, in some cases, NOT around them) is just as important as the comforts inside of their homes.  
Community Living Is a Popular Choice
Living in a community offers many advantages for folks of all ages. Manufactured home communities, in particular, offer features that include:
  • Shared Amenities. Many manufactured home communities include extra conveniences for residents. They can enjoy sport courts, outdoor pools and sun decks, and even club houses that can be used for resident get-togethers or to host parties or special events. Non-communal living areas aren’t able to offer those kind of extras that allow residents to get to know each other.
  • Affordability. In a manufactured home community, homes are much more affordably priced than comparable site-built homes, sometimes selling for up to 60% less. While these homes are less expensive, they are large and modern, with three bedrooms, two baths, spacious kitchens and bedrooms, and plenty of storage. You can choose to live in a beautiful home that fits your lifestyle and fits within your housing budget.  
  • Land-Lease Opportunity. In a manufactured home community, land leases allow residents to lease the land that their home stands on for a much lower cost than purchasing the land. Now, your housing costs become even more affordable. Buying the land in a non-communal area means you’ll spend a much bigger chunk of your housing dollar. 
  • Desirable Locations. Many suburban and rural manufactured home communities are located in areas that you want to live in, with dining, recreation, entertainment, shopping, and schools nearby. In some communities, you can even walk to work, school, or leisure activities. Stand-alone homes, on the other hand, can often be in more isolated areas.  
If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of community living, UMH properties owns 98 manufactured home communities throughout seven states in the United States. These spacious, affordable homes include great locations and amenities that our residents use every day. Call or contact us to learn more.