MANUFACTURED HOMES • January 3, 2017

Manufactured Homes Fill a Ciritcal Housing Need in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Manufactured Homes Fill a Ciritcal Housing Need in the Oil and Natural Gas Industry Image

As the oil and natural gas industry continues to generate more jobs in areas that are within the Marcellus and Utica Shale basin, the need for affordable housing near extraction sites will grow. In many cases, depending upon the scope of the project, oil and gas workers will be on site for years at a time, and it’s common to see many of them choose to relocate during that time. If a company chooses to move these workers, it's in everybody's best interests to experience a stable housing situation, where homes can be leased, rented, or purchased.


Benefits of Manufactured Home for Oil and Gas Crews

Companies and employees looking for affordable housing should consider manufactured home communities. These communities offer many advantages that site built homes can’t match.


·         Plenty of Room for Crews. Manufactured home communities feature houses that are spacious, with modern floorplans. They have large kitchens, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and just as much living space as comparable homes in the area. Whether construction firms want to lease, rent, or purchase homes, a manufactured home community is financially feasible. Homes can be purchased for a very affordable price – sometimes as much as 60% less than other homes in the area. With so many workers needed near oil and gas sites, construction firms can save on housing fees.


·         Great Locations. Manufactured home communities are located near most oil and gas work sites in the Marcellus and Utica Shale basin, making it a convenient option for those who are going to be staying in the area for quite some time. These communities are also close to different shopping, dining, and entertainment areas. For those who love the outdoors, most are located near parks where residents can bike, hike, hunt, fish, and ski. With sought-after locations, construction crews will enjoy their time off.


·         Unique Amenities. Most communities have 24/7 maintenance staff, and the grounds are well tended. Maintenance issues are handled promptly. Having access to on-site managers is yet another benefit of living in a manufactured home community.

Western Pennsylvania Cracker Plant Construction

Construction is slated to begin by 2018 on an ethylene cracker plant is being built in Western Pennsylvania’s Beaver County by Shell Corporation. Right now, companies that are involved in the construction of the plant or that are bidding on work are seeking as many as 5,000 skilled workers. That means they will need housing that is close to the worksite. UMH has several communities that are positioned within 50 miles of this worksite. These include Pennsylvania communities Cranberry Village, Forest Park Village and Independence Park; and Ohio communities Dallas MHC, Southern Terrace, Deer Meadows, and Meadowood.


If you need to house construction crews at a natural gas / oil site, or you are looking for housing close to Western PA’s ethylene cracker plant, call UMH today. We can help you find the three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes that you require for staffing your crews.