Living Large in a Small Space: How to Make Your Manufactured Home Space Count

Living Large in a Small Space: How to Make Your Manufactured Home Space Count Image

If you live in a manufactured home, odds are that you have wondered how you could better utilize your space. It might seem difficult to live small without overwhelming clutter, but you might be surprised to learn that there are several steps you can take to make your limited space really count.

Shine a Little Light on the Subject

A quick and easy way to make your home feel more spacious is to leave the blinds open when it’s appropriate. You don't want to sacrifice your privacy, but letting natural light in can do wonders to make your home feel much bigger. For artificial light, consider having skinny floor lamps instead of tabletop structures or hanging fixtures.

Bigger Can Sometimes Be Better

Rather than having many small objects in a manufactured home room, consider having one or two big pieces. You'll actually manage to save floor space, and if you decide you want to rearrange your furniture, it immediately becomes a much easier process. However, be mindful of big prints on your furniture! Opt instead for simpler pieces that are either monochromatic or dichromatic for the sake of simplicity. Decorate your walls with a few big pieces rather than many small ones.

Go Up, Not Out

Make your cabinets and other similar fixtures tall instead of wide. You'll have more space if you utilize the entirety of the walls. Find ways to use the inside of cupboard doors, and try to decorate with light colors.

Your manufactured home doesn't have to feel small and cramped. These simple tips are great ways to make the most of your space. Experiment to see what works the best for you.