Standout Space: 10 Ways to Make Your Manufactured Home Porch Pop

Standout Space: 10 Ways to Make Your Manufactured Home Porch Pop Image

Your manufactured home is your castle, and you want it to stand out from all the others. But how? The options seem nearly endless. You might not have as much of a yard to work with as others do, but that does not mean you can't work to maximize your space and help it achieve its ideal beauty. Here are some ideas to make your porch pop:

1) Add a covering: It's amazing how much larger adding a roof over your porch can make your home appear overall. It has the additional benefit of giving you some protection from the elements so you can enjoy your porch at any time.

2) More protection from the elements: If you've got a roof to work with, consider installing screens or plexiglass between the roof and railing, particularly if the lower wall is solid.

3) Landscaping: Whether around just the porch or the entirety of your home, the right landscaping gives your home a distinctive edge. The more colorful, the better.

4) Add a wrap-around: Why have your porch just at the front of the home? If you have the resources, expand the porch to go all the way around your home.

5) Hanging baskets: If you don't want to landscape intensively, these floral arrangements provide a nice pop of color where you need it the most.

6) New furniture: Has it been a while since you changed the chairs on your porch? A simple end table or new rockers will breathe new life into an old structure.

7) Paint: A fresh coat of paint can make your porch seem brand new again. Go brighter, go darker, or do whatever your heart desires.

8) Warm it up: If you've got the space, heating lamps or a fire circle can make your space suitable for all seasons.

9) Expand it: Whether you want to go up or out, make your porch a little larger, if the space allows for it.

10) Change up the materials: Why not add logs or stone? These can be inexpensive and a great way to make the porch look brand new.

With these ideas, you can have the nicest manufactured home around. It's amazing how little changes can make a world of difference for your home.