Why Life Really Is Greener In A Manufactured Home

Why Life Really Is Greener In A Manufactured Home Image


Green homes are all the buzz now, and rightfully so. As a society, we must learn to live in greater harmony with the environment. How we consume resources at home is a large part of our daily environmental impact.

You may have already begun your effort to reduce your environmental impact by adding low-maintenance sustainable landscaping to your manufactured home. You probably also use eco-smart products to reduce pollutants from everyday tasks like laundry and dishes. But did you know that just by living in a manufactured home, you already contribute to resource conservation?

When compared to a conventional home-and-land combo, constructing your home required three times less material, which also means more energy and resource conservation. In fact, you and your neighbors use 10 to 100 times less energy and resources (propane, water, electricity) than those living in traditional dwellings. Built in a climate-controlled factory, your home is a more efficient product in and of itself.

UMH Properties Inc. proudly designs manufactured homes to make it easy for you to go green in a home that's affordable and built to last. When selecting your next home sweet home, make the choice you can feel good about!