Celebrating 50 Years in the Business

Celebrating 50 Years in the Business Image
UMH Properties, Inc. – 50 Years in the Business
Happy 50th Birthday to UMH Properties, Inc.!
UMH Properties, Inc. is proud to announce its 50th year of business. What started as United Mobile Homes, Inc. in 1968, is now a publicly traded company known as UMH Properties, Inc. Operating in eight states throughout the northeast, UMH communities can be found in Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. UMH Properties, Inc. is a real estate investment trust (REIT) with a vast experience in developing, managing, and expanding manufactured housing communities. It is because of this experience that UMH is able to provide top of the line communities that are affordable, clean, and safe – a combination residents can be proud of. This experience has stemmed from 50 years of becoming a leader in the manufactured housing community industry.
 UMH Properties, Inc. through the years:
1968 – Eugene Landy founds United Mobile Homes, Inc.
1976 – HUD Code is enacted, ending the Mobile Home Era and federally regulating the construction quality of homes.
1980 – Congress officially adopts the term “manufactured housing”, making it clear that pre-built homes are not mobile, but are strictly-built, quality homes.
1985 – UMH begins operating as a publicly traded company, with only 13 communities consisting of 2,675 home sites.
1992 – UMH elects real estate investment trust (REIT) status.
1995 – Samuel A. Landy is named President and Chief Executive Officer.
2001 – UMH Sales and Finance, Inc. commences, allowing UMH to sell quality homes and provide financing to prospective residents.
2006 – Corporate name changes from United Mobile Homes, Inc. to UMH properties, Inc.
2017 – UMH Properties, Inc. owns and operates 107 communities, consisting of 19,400 home sites, as well as 810 acres of land for the development of new sites.
During the last 50 years, UMH has seen the ups and downs of the housing market, economy, and regulations imposed on the industry. Yet, 50 years later the company stands stronger than ever, with a history of delivering affordable housing. It’s impossible to predict how the manufactured housing industry will change over the next 50 years, but one thing’s for certain…UMH will be leading the way. Thank you for supporting us during this wonderful journey.
If you are interested in purchasing a new home, please contact us at 1-800- 504-0670. To apply for residency, please fill out these forms –