MANUFACTURED HOMES • January 29, 2018

Manufactured Home Communities & Their Residents

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Approximately 2-3 million households in the United States live in manufactured housing communities, according to the 2013 American Housing Survey. As the standards of manufactured housing have increased, so have the number of Americans considering manufactured housing as a high-quality, affordable option.

The question is, who lives in the modern manufactured home community these days, and what benefits do they enjoy from their living situation?

Who Lives In Manufactured Home Communities?

An extensive report by Foremost compiled a profile of people living in manufactured homes based on more than 26,000 interviews. Here are their findings.

Manufactured Housing Residents Are Younger Than You Think

Despite the pervasiveness of 55+ communities in the manufactured housing space, the largest age group reported in their surveys was actually aged 18-29, coming in at 23% of residents. This shows that many first-time homebuyers turn to manufactured homes when they’re finally ready to break free from the cycle of renting.

Most Manufactured Housing Residents Own Their Home

68% of survey respondents reported that they own the home they live in, as opposed to 24% who were renting and the remainder who reported living with relatives.

What’s more, almost half of the residents who reported owning their home said they were there to stay. 40% didn’t anticipate ever selling it.

The Number of Manufactured Home Residents Living in Communities is Rising.

In 2012, 39% of respondents living in manufactured homes reported living in a community, compared to 35% in 2002.

What Do They Get From Manufactured Home Communities?

By choosing to live in a manufactured home community, residents receive benefits that they otherwise wouldn’t by living on private land or in other multi-family housing, like apartments or condominiums.

Because the land is leased to the resident but owned by the community, first and foremost this means that a resident can enjoy the perks of homeownership – like living in privacy without wall-sharing neighbors, or being able to paint and remodel at your leisure – without having to maintain the land and utilities.

Many UMH manufactured home communities have perks that go above and beyond, including community pools, playgrounds, fitness centers, on-site maintenance, clubhouses and regular events for residents to mix and mingle with their neighbors.

Take a look at our community finder to find a UMH manufactured home community in your area.

Is Manufactured Housing Right For Me?

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Manufactured homes built in 2018 are sturdy, dependable, often energy-efficient and offer a wonderful opportunity for potential homebuyers looking for quality, affordable homes. They allow you to build equity through homeownership, without a lot of the stress, risks and hassle that comes with buying older, stick-built houses.

UMH is proud to have 20,000 homesites that 60,000 residents call home. If you want to learn more and find out why so many of our residents love living in our communities, check out and get started today!