Affordable Independent Living for Seniors


Discover all the ways affordable independent living for seniors can create a vibrant and supportive lifestyle for the seniors in your family. Our affordable independent living community options by UMH Properties, Inc. provide assistance with activities, affordable housing options for residents, and additional services to make life for seniors comfortable and enjoyable. With special communities designed with seniors age 55 and older in mind, our senior living communities could be the perfect place for you or your family members.

Affordable Independent Living for Seniors 

As we or our family members age, the search for a comfortable community can be stressful. At our UMH communities, we provide a hassle-free home buying experience. From assisted living facilities to bringing a family member into your own home, there are many types of daily living help options. As a person who is 55 or older but still seeking an independent and comfortable lifestyle, many senior living options just aren’t right for you. Maintain independence while enjoying a community with amenities, a range of housing options catered to those age 55 plus, and a plethora of community activities to participate in. 

What is Independent Living

Independent living is the opportunity for seniors age 55 and over to enjoy a practical balance between maintaining an autonomous lifestyle and receiving assistance and care when it’s needed. These independent 55 and over communities provide types of housing tailored for seniors’ safety, types of amenities seniors can enjoy, and a community of like-minded people at the same stage of life. 

With transportation options, affordable housing properties, and life enrichment activities, seniors can remove the stress of living alone or with family members while gaining the opportunity to build their own community lifestyle. Without the worry of housekeeping a home that’s too big or maintaining high living expenses, our affordable senior housing options give seniors the flexibility to create the lifestyle that’s perfect for their stage in life. 

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Many often confuse independent living with assisted living facilities, but they each come with many differences. Both of these senior care options cater to those over age 55, but assisted living facilities are typically aimed at those looking for specific support. 

Medical Support

While both assisted living facilities and independent living communities offer amenities and support for their residents, assisted senior living facilities are ideal living options for those who require medical care, the help of a regular caregiver or need more intensive support. While they do provide support in certain areas, independent living communities provide space for a more autonomous and active lifestyle. Our active independent communities provide space for privacy, but also can be made handicap accessible, and come with community events like game nights to stay connected with the community.  Independent Living Costs

Given the less involved nature of independent living communities, they tend to be a more affordable type of housing. As with a regular community, each resident is responsible for their own home while sharing the common amenities with their fellow residents. 

In an assisted living facility, residents are typically in a more tightly knit setting, making medical care or living support more accessible. With the added level of care, these facilities typically come with a higher cost of living


Lifestyle and Amenities

Independent living communities are best suited for those age 55 and over who are looking to surround themselves with a community of people in the same stage of life, are still active but have some needs, and are ready to move towards a more supported lifestyle without sacrificing the privacy that comes with owning their own home. 

Our communities offer a variety of amenities and perks, beginning with the affordable housing options we provide. Each of our homes is designed with one-story, open concept living to make independent mobility and living a breeze. Without the issue of staircases and tight hallways, our residents can feel confident and safe in their community homes.  

Outside their home, many of our communities offer community centers with activities and game nights, pools, fitness centers, religious services, and friendly staff available to assist a resident’s needs. Our on-site 24/7 maintenance staff work around the clock to make our communities wonderful places to live. With lawn care, snow removal and garbage removal, our residents are able to focus on the more important aspects of their lives, like family, friends, and relaxation. 

If you find yourself lonely, struggling to maintain a large home, or relying on family or caregivers for transportation and some tasks, an independent living community for seniors might be the perfect place for you. Enjoy a carefree lifestyle at a UMH community, with support, and amenities, all without giving up your independence.