Profiles of Manufactured Home Owners

Profiles of Manufactured Home Owners Image

The profile of the average manufactured homeowner has certainly shifted. Chances are, prospected home buyers will have more in common with residents inhabiting manufactured homes than not. Below we have gathered a list of people that fit the description of your new neighbors. Without further adieu, let's introduce them.

The Downsizers
The Downsizers have been married for over 40 years and put their three children through college. They are both retired and ready to spend their golden years in a quiet community. The upkeep of their current home has been a hassle and it's outgrown them. They have grown tired of the constant repairs and they're not as young as they used to be. Both of them no longer want to live in a home with stairs. She insists that they look into a household that's affordable and easy to maintain. They both enjoy staying active by taking peaceful walks through nature trails as well as participating in community events.

The Firstheimers
The Firstheimers are recently engaged and ready to embark on their lives together. They've been renting out an apartment for the past two years of their relationship and they're prepared to finally have a home to call their own. They are expecting their first child in three months and are looking for a place that's not too small, not too big, with a price that's just right. Community is extremely important to their family; so her and her husband decided to take a look at a UMH Village. The Firstheimer's are currently residing in a safe and secure community. Their neighbors even threw them a surprise baby shower at the community clubhouse.

The Highrisers
The Highrisers are former city-slickers that desperately need a change of pace. The hustle and bustle of the rat race no longer excites them. They're yearning for more of a relaxed and easy going lifestyle. Peace and quiet is of the utmost importance in their lives. A few of their family friends just recently moved into a UMH community and expressed to her how peaceful and quaint it is. He loves the affordability and she appreciates the ambience. They are now able to take a deep breath and truly enjoy their new lives.

The Downsizer, Firstheimer, and Highriser Families all have something in common – a need for change. These could be your neighbors so start a new beginning and create lasting memories at one of UMH's 68 communities today.