Five Easy Ways to Turn Your Manufactured Home into a Beach Getaway

Five Easy Ways to Turn Your Manufactured Home into a Beach Getaway Image

Whether on a Florida shoreline or in the middle of a Kansas cornfield, manufactured homes are the perfect candidates for cozy, beach-themed getaways—and you don't even have to get away to enjoy them. Here are five tips for creating your own tropical oasis.

1) Paint with Beachy Colors

Painting with colors from light brown and yellow palettes helps mimic the sand while accents in stark whites, aquas, and teals mimic splashes of water, sky, and clouds.

2) Display Nautical-Inspired Artwork and Decor

No beach house would be complete without seashells, starfish, and other nautical elements such as rope, sailboats, and bottles.

3) Provide Ample Lighting

Replacing dark curtains with sheer white ones and adding extra lamps throughout the house brightens manufactured homes, even on a dreary day.

4) Mix Clean, Modern Furniture with Rustic Accents

White or beige sofas with time-worn coffee tables imitate the refreshing but timeless appeal of the beach.

5) Open Up Your Living Spaces

Try to decorate without creating clutter and open shades and curtains periodically to recreate a sunny beach day.

Beach decor can add an inspiring and serene mood to your home. Try these tips to create your perfect getaway.