Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Manufactured Home

Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Manufactured Home Image

When you own a manufactured home, you've got a unique set of challenges to consider. Being mindful of your space makes all the difference, so consider these points for the maintenance and continued welfare of your home.

Keep the Outside Pristine

It might seem like a huge hassle to regularly wash the outside of your house, but it's not nearly as difficult or time consuming as you think. A simple trip to the local hardware store to rent a power washer for use on the exterior can restore the shine in no time.

Stop Ceiling Stains

In more enclosed spaces, there's a higher chance that you'll develop water and smoke stains on the ceiling earlier than you might have expected. Purchase some stain-blocking primer in a neutral color to coat the ceiling tiles, and you'll find it looks better for longer.

Fixture Woes

You'd be surprised to learn that many of the knobs and faucets sold in hardware stores aren't sized to fit manufactured home appliances. Be mindful of this when you go shopping. If possible, find a local supply store that caters to your specific living situation. A quick Internet search will turn up several options.

Mind Your Materials

Often, your walls will be made of different materials than traditional structures. When you purchase new paint or wallpaper, make sure what you're buying is vinyl-suitable, as this is what you'll most likely find inside your residence.

Tend to the Skirting

When the skirting around the base of your manufactured home isn't properly tended to, you'll find the results in heightened energy bills and all sorts of squeaks throughout the house. Checking it regularly ensures that it's maintained properly, and this can ease your mind about costly repairs down the line.

Living small isn't for everyone, but with a few simple tricks, you’ll find it much easier. These tips are here to help you down the road for years to come.