MANUFACTURED HOMES • December 22, 2014

Four Gorgeous Styles for Your Manufactured Home

Four Gorgeous Styles for Your Manufactured Home Image
There are many different types and styles of manufactured homes available. Learn more about the options and decide which might be right for your family.
Manufactured homes allow millions of American families to experience the pride of homeownership each year. These quality homes are built in one-fifth the time and often at half the cost of traditional, site-built houses. They are also more energy-efficient than some conventional homes, grow in value, and increase the price appreciation of your property. A manufactured home is built under pristine factory conditions and can be completely customized to your exact specifications.
While homeowners do have the option of creating their own design and floor plan, there are several styles of manufactured homes available:
1. Ranch Style
A ranch style manufactured home is one of the most common styles. It is popular throughout the country and is sometimes referred to as the rancher or the rambler. It is typically short in stature, has minimal decoration, and is built in an asymmetrical rectangle or “L” shape.
2. Colonial
The colonial manufactured home is a popular choice in the southern states. This timeless style features white columns and a front porch that often wraps around the entire home.
3. Cape Cod
This style originated in the Northeast and is usually available as one or two stories. These homes typically have shutter windows, dormers, and a sharply slanted shingle roof.
4. Chalet
The chalet style is inspired by the Swiss alpine homes and is arguably one of the most beautiful styles available. These homes are best suited for cold, snowy climates, as they have high, pointed roofs to prevent heavy snow from building up. They also feature huge windows that flood the house with light, providing exquisite views and helping to heat the house without cost.
These are only a few of the many styles of manufactured homes available. If you are interested in learning more, contact UMH Properties, Inc. and speak with a helpful representative today.