Quick and Easy Manufactured Home DIY Projects

Quick and Easy Manufactured Home DIY Projects Image

So, you think your manufactured home is in need of a breath of fresh air? We've all been there, but the process of making the change can seem daunting. You don't have to go all out and make your space unrecognizable. In fact, if you're on a budget and concerned about sticking to it, you'd likely be surprised to find that there are little tweaks you can make here and there that will make a huge difference.

Fixture Updates

Start by changing out your doorknobs, switch plates, and assorted handles and faucets. All of these items can tend to look dingy over time, but they are easy and inexpensive enough to replace. With a trip to the local hardware store, you're bound to be surprised by all of the options you have.

Make Your Own Wall Hangings

By going to the local craft store, you can get all the tools to make your space feel just like new again. Consider painting your own wooden letters to hang up, or pick up some colored paper and glue to do your own paper mache. And don't worry about drilling into the walls multiple times for each hanging. Instead, consider using cute wire hangers as an alternate means of display.

Screen In Your Porch

If you've got a manufactured home with some extra space outside, adding a screen around it can make it suitable for all seasons and weather. With the addition of some inexpensive netting, you'll find that you've got a whole new room you never dreamed of before.

You don't have to break the bank to make home changes. DIY projects like these are quick, fun, and simple ways to make sure you've got the nicest house on the block.