RECREATION • November 3, 2015

Convert Your Living Room into a Wellness Space

Convert Your Living Room into a Wellness Space Image

It’s early. The sun is just coming up, and the house is quiet. It’s the perfect opportunity to convert your living room space into a peaceful yoga haven to center your mind and body.

"The yoga practice can help you stay strong, flexible and on subtle levels really help center your mind. It clarified your vision and desires of what you wanted in life. ."- Yogi, Daniel Cordua

Start by clearing out a 10’x10’ space in your home, you do not need more than this to get the full yoga experience. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool in any practice, so we encourage you to light a candle of incent and take a deep breath. (editor's note: lavender is a favorite smell for creating a calming atmosphere) When outfitting your practice sanctuary, look for props made from bamboo, cotton, hemp, and natural rubber to create a soft and organic feel. Channel your inner yogi and get going! Namaste!