What Our Residents Say

Amanda and Tammy are nice ladies in the office and are really helpful and willing to work with you. From my experience the community is nice and people are friendly

Rikey J.

Beautiful homes and great staff

Christopher M.

Great community!

Alexus B.

I would recommend UMH to my friends because it is such a nice place to live.

Skylar B.

Affordable living in a great community.

Leslie S.

We love the wildlife we see in our yard! Our manager listens to us and gets things done; it is a wonderful community!

Jeff D.

I like the application process to ensure that residents of the community are going to be safe. The spot we live in is very quiet. The maintenance staff is very friendly and if there is an issue that needs to be addressed they get it done. The ladies in the office are very friendly as well, and do their best to help out their residents. I like them a lot and can not ask for better staff!

Ellis E.

Everything went great during our move-in experience! This is a clean, quiet community.

Jacob O.

I would recommend UMH to friends and family! The staff here is great!

Charles E.

Great community atmosphere to live in.

Valerie S.

I have recommended UMH to friends who love our home!

Eric A.

The community is clean, safe, and well-maintained.

Karen R.

I would recommend UMH to friends and family.

Heather Y.